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(2006) 'List of Books published on Turkey in non-Turkish languages (2003-2004)', European Journal of Turkish Studies, Reviews , Reviews, URL :

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List of Books published on Turkey in non-Turkish languages (2003-2004)

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Bozarslan, Hamit (2004) Histoire de la Turquie contemporaine, Paris : La Découverte, coll. Repères, 128 pages, ISBN : 2-7071-4188-7.

Burdy, Jean-Paul (dir.) (2004) La Turquie est-elle européenne ? Contributions au débat, Paris, Turquoise.

Feroz, Ahmad (2004) Turkey: The Quest for identity, Oneword publications, London, 240 pages. ISBN: 1851682414.

Kreiser, Klaus ; Neumann, Christoph K. (2003) Kleine Geschichte der Türkei, Reclam, Ditzingen, 518 pages. ISBN: 3150105404.

Lahlos, Sophia (2003) Turkey: Current Issues and Background, Nova Science, New York, 219 pages. ISBN: 1590337905.

Roy Olivier (ed.) (2004) La Turquie aujourd'hui : un pays européen ?, Paris, Universalis, Collection : Le tour du sujet, 194 pages. ISBN : 2852297833.

Insel, Ahmet (2003) La Turquie et le développement, Paris, L'Harmattan. ISBN : 2747550672.

Onis, Ziya ; Rubin, Barry M. (2003) The Turkish Economy in Crisis, London, Taylor & Francis, 204 pages. ISBN: 0714683973.

World Bank (2003) World Bank Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Capital Markets in Turkey, World Bank Office, 132 pages. ISBN: 0821355279.

Alt?nay, Ayse Gul (2004) The Myth of the Military Nation: Militarism, Gender, and Education in Turkey, Vhps Palgrave, August 2004, 176 pages. ISBN: 1403962812

Anciaux, Robert (ed.) (2003), La République laïque de Turquie trois quarts de siècle après sa fondation par Atatürk, Bruxelles, Complexe, Collection Interventions, 130 pages. ISBN : 2870279698

Jacoby, Tim ; Mann, Michael (2004) Social Power and the Turkish State, Taylor & Francis. ISBN: 0714655821.

Schröder, Katy (2003) Die Türkei im Schatten des Nationalismus. Eine Analyse des politischen Einflusses der rechten MHP, BoD GmbH, Norderstedt, 240 pages. ISBN: 3831142661.

Shissler, A. Holly (2003) Between Two Empires: Ahmet Agaoglu and the New Turkey, Vhps Palgrave, 272 pages, ISBN: 186064855X.

Streck, Ralf (2003) Tondar - Geschichte und Widerstand politischer Gefangener, Pahl-Rugenstein Nachfolger, 378 pages. ISBN: 389144348X.

Tilic, Dogan (2003) Parteien, Bosse, Promotionen, BoD GmbH, Norderstedt. ISBN: 3831145598.

Yurdtapan, Sanar ; Dilipak, Abdurrahman (eds) (2003) Opposites: Side by Side, George Braziller, 220 pages. ISBN: 080761520X.

Abramowitz, Morton (ed.) (2003) The United States and Turkey: Allies in Need, Century Foundation Press, 2nd Rev edition, 296 pages. ISBN: 087078479X.

Arikan, Harun (2003) Turkey and the EU: An Awkward Candidate for Eu Membership?, Ashgate, 256 pages. ISBN: 0754634337.

Aydin, Mustafa (Editor) (2004) Turkish-Greek Relations: Escaping from the Security Dilemma in the Aegean (The Asam Series), Frank Cass Publishers, 304 pages. ISBN: 0714652725.

Aydin, Mustafa ; Erhan, Cagri (eds), Turkish-American Relations: Past, Present, and Future, Frank Cass Publishers, 304 pages. ISBN: 0714684384

Bengio, Ofra (2003) The Turkish-Israeli Relationship : Changing Ties of Middle Eastern Outsiders, Palgrave Macmillan, 256 pages.

Bertrand, Gilles (2003) Le conflit helléno-turc, Maisonneuve & Larose, 340 pages ISBN : 2706817275.

Bondarevsky G.L. (2003) Soviet-Turkey Relations 1924-31, Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 0714645346.

Bozdaglioglu Yücel (2003) Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkish Identity: A Constructivist Approach, International Relations Series), Routledge, 160 pages. ISBN: 041594600X

Carkoglu Ali ; Rubin, Barry M. (eds) (2003) Turkey and the European Union: Domestic Politics, Economic Integration and International Dynamics, Frank Cass Publishers, 273 pages. ISBN: 0714654027.

Carkoglu, Ali ; Rubin, Barry M. (eds) (2004) Greek-Turkish Relations in an Era of Detente, Frank Cass Publishers, 176 pages. ISBN: 0714685739

Dadrian, Vahakn N. (2003) Warrant for Genocide: Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict, Transaction Publishers, 214 pages. ISBN: 0765805596.

Dalacoura, Katerina (2003) Engagement or Coercion?: Weighing Western Human Rights, Policies Towards Turkey, Iran, and Egypt, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 128 pages. ISBN: 1862031401

Diamandouros, P. Nikiforos (2003) Citizenship and the Nation State in Greece and Turkey, Taylor & Francis. ISBN: 0714654671

Faist, Thomas (2004) Transstate Spaces-Theories and Empirical Evidence: Politics, Economy and Culture in and Between Germany and Turkey, Ashgate, 300 pages, ISBN: 0754632911

Gerger, Haluk (2004) Die türkische Außenpolitik nach 1945. Vom 'Kalten Krieg' zur 'Neuen Weltordnung', Neuer ISP Vlg., Karlsr., 200 pages. ISBN: 3899000188

Göktepe, Cihat (2003) British Foreign Policy Towards Turkey, 1959-1965, Frank Cass Publishers, 236 pages. ISBN: 0714653969.

Gürbey, Gülistan (2004) Außenpolitik in defekten Demokratien, Campus Verlag, 430 pages. ISBN: 3593374722.

Harmon, Daniel E. (2003) Turkey (Modern Middle East Nations and Their Strategic Place in the World), Mason Crest Publishers, 112 pages. ISBN: 1590845242. ISBN: 1403965897

Ismael, Tareq Y. ; Aydin Mustafa (Eds) (2003) Turkey's Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century: A Changing Role in World Politics, Ashgate Publishing, 224 pages. ISBN: 0754635015.

Kollias, Chrestos G. (ed.) (2003) Greece and Turkey in the 21st Century: Conflict or Cooperation: a Political Economy Perspective, Nova Science, 279 pages. ISBN: 1590337530.

Leggewie, Claus (2004) Die Türkei und Europa, Suhrkamp, 300 pages. ISBN: 3518123548

Millman, Brock (2003) The ill-made alliance: Anglo-Turkish relations, 1934-1940, McGill-Queens University Press, 518 pages. ISBN: 0773516034.

Moustakis, Fotios (2003) The Greek-Turkish Relationship and NATO, Frank Cass Publishers, 210 pages. ISBN: 0714654361.

Nachman, Amikam (2003) Turkey: facing a new millenium : Coping with Intertwined Conflicts, Manchester University Press, 264 pages. ISBN: 0719063701.

Olson, Robert (2003) Turkey-Iran Relations, 1979-2004: Revolution, Ideology, War, Coups, and Geopolitics, Mazda. ISBN: 1568591144

Peterson, Merrill D. (2004) Starving Armenians: America and the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1930 and After, University Press of Virginia, 216 pages.ISBN: 0813922674

Riemer, Andrea (2003) A Triangle of Tensions: U.S.-Europe-Turkey, Peter Lang. ISBN: 0820464589

Robins, Philip (2003) Suits and Uniforms: Turkish Foreign Policy Since the Cold War, University of Washington Press, 352 pages. ISBN: 0295982810

Robins, Philip (2003) Turkish Foreign Policy Since the Cold War, C. Hurst & Co. ISBN: 1850656436

Stilwell, Stephen Joseph (2003) Anglo-Turkish Relations in the Interwar Era (Studies in British History, V. 73), Edwin Mellen Press., 326 pages : ISBN: 0773467769

Strothmann, Karl U. (2003) Die Verfolgung Unterhaltspflichtiger ins EU-Ausland und in die Türkei, VSTP Verlag Soziale Theorie & Praxis GmbH, 163 pages. ISBN: 389983000

Ugur, Mehmet ; Canefe, Nergis (eds) (2004) Turkey and European Integration: Prospects and Issues in the Post-Helsinki Era, Routledge, 289 pages. ISBN: 0415326567

Uslu, Nasuh (2003) The Turkish-American Relationship Between 1947 and 2003: The History of a Distinctive Alliance, Nova Science Publishers, 364 pages.ISBN: 1590338324

Uslu, Nasuh (2003) Turkish Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Period, Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 1590337425

Uslu, Nasuh (2003) The Cyprus Question As an Issue of Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkish-American Relations, 1959-2003, Nova Science, 242 pages. ISBN: 1590338472

Abu-Rabi, Ibrahim M. (ed.) (2003) Islam at the Crossroads: On the Life and Thought of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, State University of New York Press, 352 pages. ASIN: 0791456994.

Balc?, Bayram (2003) Les écoles missionnaires turques en Asie centrale : entre islam et turcité, Paris, Maisonneuve et Larose, ISBN : 2706816619.

Howe, Marvine (2004) Turkey: A Nation Divided Over Islam's Revival, Harper Collins Canada / Westview Pr, 310 pages, (first ed. 2000). ISBN: 0813342422.

Mardin, Serif (2004) Religion, Society and Modernity in Turkey (Modern Intellectual and Political History of the Middle East), Syracuse University Press, 464 pages. ISBN: 0815628102.

Noyon Jennifer (2003) Islam, Politics, and Pluralism: Theory and Practice in Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and Algeria, Royal Institute of International Affairs,134 pages. ISBN: 1862030685.

Saktanber, Ayse (2003) Living Islam: Women, Politics and Religion in Turkey, Vhps Distribution, 256 pages. ISBN: 1860641784.

Shankland David (2003) The Alevis in Turkey: The Emergence of a Secular Islamic Tradition, Curzon Press, 256 pages : ISBN: 0700716068

Vertigans, Stephen (2003) Islamic Roots and Resurgence in Turkey: Understanding and Explaining the Muslim Resurgence, Praeger Publishers, 208 pages. ISBN: 0275980510

White, Paul J.; Joost Jongerden (eds.) (2003) Turkey's Alevi Enigma: A Comprehensive Overview (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia, 88), Brill Academic Pub, 262 pages. ISBN: 9004125388.

Yavuz Hakan (2003) Islamic Political Identity in Turkey (Religion and Global Politics), Oxford University Press, 328 pages. ISBN: 0195160851.

Yavuz, Hakan ; Esposito John L. (eds) (2003) Turkish Islam and the Secular State: The Gülen Movement (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East), Syracuse University Press, 304 pages, ISBN: 0815630409.

Zarcone, Thierry (2004) La Turquie moderne et l'Islam, Collection : Divers sciences humaines, Flammarion, 362 pages, ISBN : 2082103196.

Akkaya, Adem (2003) Türkisches Gewinnermittlungsrecht, Deutscher Universitätsverlag. ISBN: 3824479648.

Kesen, Nebi (2003) Das Steuerrecht der Türkei, Verlag Neue Wirtschaftsbriefe, 272 pages. ISBN: 3482525013

Unlu, Nihan (2003) The Legal Regime of the Turkish Straits (International Straits of the World, 13), Martinus Nijhoff, 208 pages. ISBN: 9041119043

Lokman I. Meho (2003) The Kurdish Question in U.S. Foreign Policy : A Documentary Sourcebook, Praeger, 720 pages. ISBN: 0313314357

Taspinar, Omar (2004) Kurdish Nationalism and Political Islam in Turkey: Kemalist Identity in Transition, Routledge, 240 pages ISBN: 041594998X

Argun, Betigul Ercan (2003) Turkey in Germany: The Transnational Sphere of Deutschkei, Routledge, 2003, 304 pages.ISBN: 0415935687.

Cil, Hasan (2003) Anfänge einer Epoche; Bir dönemin baslangiclari, Schiler Verlag, 144 pages. ISBN: 3899300157.

Hirschon, Renee (2003) Crossing the Aegean: An Appraisal of the 1923 Compulsory Population Exchange Between Greece and Turkey, Berghahn Books, 298 pages ISBN: 1571817670

Irtis-Dabbach, Verda (2003) Les jeunes issus de l'immigration de Turquie en France : états des lieux, analyse et perspectives, Collection : Logiques sociales, L' Harmattan, 427 pages. ISBN : 2747549739

Østergaard-Nielsen, Eva (2003) Transnational politics. Turks and Kurds in Germany, Routledge, London / New York, ISBN 041526586X.

Altunisik, Meliha Benli ; Kavli, Özlem Tur (2004) Turkey: Themes and Challenges, Routledge, 224 pages. ISBN: 0415287103

Karpat, Kemal H. (2004) Studies on Turkish Politics and Society: Selected Articles and Essays (Social, Economic, and Political Studies of the Middle East, 94), Brill Academic, 747 pages. ISBN: 9004133224

Lilestrom, Rita (2003) Autonomy and Dependence in the Family: Turkey and Sweden in Critical Perspective, Routledge, 300 pages, ISBN: 0415306353

Öncü, Ahmet F. (2003) A Sociological Inquiry into the History of the Union of Turkish Chambers of Engineers and Architects: Engineers and the State, (Mellen Studies in Sociology, V. 37) , Edwin Mellen Press, 204 pages. ISBN: 0773468811

Özbilgin, Mustafa ; Woodward, Diana (2004) Banking and Gender: sex equality in banking in Britain and Turkey, London and New York, IB Tauris.

Özbilgin, Mustafa (ed.) (2004) International Human Resource Management: theory and practice, London and New York, Palgrave.

Saller, Vera (2003) Wanderungen zwischen Ethnologie und Psychoanalyse, Edition Diskord, 500 pages. ISBN: 3892957363

Tucker, Hazel (2003) Living with Tourism: Negotiating Identities in a Turkish Village, Routledge, 272 pages, ISBN: 0415298563

Zielke-Nadkarni, Andrea (2003) Individualpflege als Herausforderung in multikulturellen Pflegesituationen, Huber, Bern, 656 pages. ISBN: 34568397585

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