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The Mediterranean world has a rich history of encounters between peoples of various cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Given the often contentious nature of current discourse on the region, it is beneficial to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to its study. In association with the Center for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, the Middle East Graduate Association of the University of Cambridge is hosting this conference to bring together studies on the exchange and interaction between various peoples within the Mediterranean in the areas of trade, culture, literature and relations of power.

The conference will be organized along several main themes: European and Middle Eastern historiography of the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean as a trade zone, relations of power within the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean in literature and culture.

Papers in English on these and related themes concerning the Mediterranean from the ancient to the modern period are encouraged. The conference particularly encourages the participation of scholars at an early stage in their careers. Panels are expected to include three papers each lasting around twenty minutes with ten minutes for discussion.

Abstracts of 200 words are expected by 1 December 2004. Please include clear contact details, academic affiliation and title of paper.

The conference will be held in Cambridge on 11-12 February 2005. Limited funding opportunities will be available in support of participants.

Contact information :

Murat C. Menguc

Clare Hall, Cambridge CB3 9AL

Email: mm499@cam.ac.uk