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The Ege University International Cultural Studies Symposium seeks paper proposals for its 10th annual conference to be held at Ege University, Faculty of Letters, Izmir, Turkey. This year?s topic aims to explore a wide range of experiences associated with migration, immigration, movement, and mixing of cultures/peoples, especially regarding the following subject areas:

-migration / memory / identity

-migration as a common human experience

-migration as part of our histories

-the effects of migration on culture/family

-representations of migration in folklore/ literature/cinema

-self-definition in novels/movies concerned with migration

-oral his/herstories of immigrants

-life-writing of immigrants

-re-writing history from a subaltern perspective

-resisting mainstream narratives

-undocumented migration

-redefining the boundaries of ?belonging?

-redefinition of national boundaries

-civic responsibilities of immigrants

-contribution of migrants to their adoptive cultures

-creating new languages

-the new racism(s)

-discourses of domination and racial bias

-memory as ?home?

-the emergence of new identity space

-integration and assimilation

-the re-shaping of collective identities

-multiple identities

-the politics of location

-residential segregation and neighborhood integration

-reactions to Islam

-intersection of gender and migration

-gender-based discrimination and its effect on migration patterns

-gendered social structures, preferences, practices

-gendered ethnicity

-gender mainstreaming strategies

-gender and geography

-Turkish immigration to Europe

-supra-national citizenship within the framework of the EU

-social awareness of diversity in Europe

-Turkish immigrants in Europe

-Turkish immigration to the US

-early Turkish immigrants in the US

-the history of early Turkish communities in the US

-early Turkish civil societies /associations/foundations in the US

Proposals from all disciplines, such as anthropology, demography, economics, education, film studies, geography, history, international relations, linguistics, literature, media studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, urban studies, are welcome. Proposals may be submitted in either English or Turkish as there will be separate sessions in both languages.

The proposals must include : a title, an abstract not more than 300 words (Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced), the name of the presenter, affiliation, e-mail and mailing addresses, a brief biography not more than 50 words, and technical equipment if necessary.  If it is a group proposal the full names of all presenters and brief bios from each are required. Please do not send your abstract in the body of your mail message; attach the proposal as an MS word document.

The deadline for submission of proposals: January 17, 2005.

Proposals may be submitted via e-mail or mail to :

Gunesli Sonmez Isci, Prof. Dr.

Ege University, Faculty of Letters,

Chair of the English Department

Director of the Women?s Studies Graduate Program

Bornova, Izmir TURKEY

e-mail: eucss2005@yahoo.co.uk

For more information please check the symposium website: http://css.ege.edu.tr