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In June 2005, the Asia-Africa-Institute of the University of Hamburg, Germany, will confer the title of an honorary PhD (Dr. honoris causa) to Prof. Sadik al-Azm (Damascus, Syria) for his academic merits. Since Sadik al-Azm is most notably known for his substantial contributions to the discourse on "Orientalism", the Asia-Africa-Institute of the University of Hamburg is organizing its accompanying workshop in honour of Sadik al-Azm on the topic of "Orientalism and Conspiracy".

The leading question for this workshop is whether various theories of conspiracy have become an integral part of "Western" as well as "Eastern" concepts of orientalism and occidentalism. Related questions include:

-historical theories of conspiracy as conceptual models for contemporary use (case studies)

-an assessmment of the "classical" contributions to the discourse on "Orientalism": What is the role of conspiracy in the work of authors like Edward Said and Sadik al-Azm?

-theories of conspiracy in the post-September 11 environment. Examinations of various discourses, especially in the media and political propaganda, in selected case studies

-placing Orientalist/Occidentalist theories of conspiracy within a wider theoretical perspective.

Since the workshop aims at an interdisciplinary inquiry into the interrelationship between "Orientalism" and "Conspiracy", contributions from all related disciplines are welcome. It is intended to publish the results of the workshop as an academic Festschrift in honour of Sadik al-Azm.

Technical details:

- Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 20, 2005

- Notification of the participants: until March 10, 2005

- Deadline for submission of papers: May 31, 2005

- Workshop date: June 23-25, 2005

-Venue: Asia-Africa-Institute, University of Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Ost, 20146 Hamburg, Germany.

Tel.: +49-40-42838-2379, Fax: +49-4042838-6417.

- Convenors: PD Dr. Arndt Graf, Dr. Schirin Fathi, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Paul

- Correspondence address: Arndt Graf (arndtgraf@yahoo.de )