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(2005) 'CALL FOR PAPERS : IFSSH WORLD CONGRESS: "HEALTH CHALLENGES OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM ». March 15th, 2005.', European Journal of Turkish Studies, archives , Archives, URL : http://www.ejts.org/document297.html

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The International Forum for Social Sciences and Health (IFSSH) welcomes applications from scholars, administrators, researchers, interested parties, international agencies, national and international research institutions and students for participation in the 2005 World Congress ?HEALTH CHALLENGES OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM? to be held on August 21-26 2005 at Yeditepe University in Ýstanbul.  

The 2005 World Congress aims to realize a universal platform for reflections and forward-looking discussions in all important areas that fall under the health social science agenda. The world congress will host workshop sessions under the following themes: Accidents and disabilities; Adolescent health; Bioethics; Bioterror and weapons of mass destruction; Child health, development and child rights; Health consequences of war; Communicating health knowledge and behavior; Controversies of diet and nutrition; Developing economies, migration and emerging health issues; Ecohealth: climate change, health consequences of environmental deterioration and environmental policies; Ethnobotany and healing; Giving birth: new meanings, new statistics; Health and disease in world myths, scripts and literature; Health clubs and the new aesthetics of health; Health equity; Health social science research methodology; Health sector reform and health insurance; Health, medicine and colonialism; H

 uman rights, HIV/AIDS and the new epidemics; Infectious diseases; Issues in rural health and disease; Life styles; Living with pain; Local traditions of healing and shamans; New challenges: smoking, addictions and eating disorders; Politics of pharmacueticals; Redefining old age; Reproductive health; Social history of health and disease; Social science education for health sciences; Sociology of dental health; Suicides and cross cultural issues in mental health; The economics of well being; The future of hospitals and patient care; The psychology of violence; Violence as a public health issue; and Social aspects and prevention of world blindness.

Please find updated information as regards the meeting at the IFSSH website http://www.ifssh.net. We invite you to join this interdisciplinary gathering of the experiences and perspectives of social scientists and health specialists for a crucial assessment of the human condition at the onset of the new millennium.

 The Deadline for abstracts submission is March 15th, 2005.

Prof. Dr. Akile Gürsoy

IFSSH Secretary General

Head, Department of Anthropology

Yeditepe University

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