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Sakarya University, Faculty of Theology (Turkey) in corporation with Iznik Municipality is going to organize an international conference about the city of Iznik (the Ancient Nicea). The city of Iznik, which is situated in the north-west ofTurkey, as known, was a historically and religiously significant centre for Romans, Byzantium, Seljukids and Ottomans. The main aim of the conference is to explore the various aspects of Iznik, most notably, religious, historical, political, intellectual, artistic etc.. The conference will be held in the first half of September 2005 and take three days. The exact date will be announced later.

Those who want to participate in the conference with a paper must send 200-300-page proposal until the date 1 March 2005. The proposal should contain brief curriculum vitae. The final decision regarding the proposals will be sent to the applicants towards the middle of March. The conference language is going to be both English and Turkish.  The proposals can be sent via regular mail, fax or e-mail. The organization of the conference will supply the accommodation and meals for the speakers during the conference.

The proposals should be sent to: Prof. Ali ERBAS, The head of the Conference Committee, Ilahiyat Fakültesi, Sakarya Universitesi, 54040 OZANLAR , ADAPAZARI /TURKEY. Tel: 0264 277 12 44, 0264 277 40 02, 0264 274 30 60, ext. 181, 128, 122 ; Fax: 264 277 98 32. E-mail any of the following addresses: aerbas@sakarya.edu.tr or fuadaydin@hotmail.com and bedirmurteza@yahoo.com