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Friday, March 4, 2005, 4:30-5:00, Reception

5:00-5:20:  Opening remarks, Fariba Zarinebaf & Andrew Wachtel ,

Northwestern University

5:30-6:00,  Palmira Brummett, University of Tennessee (History): The

Turk's Head: The Edge of Europe and Ottoman Sovereignty in Early Modern

European Maps.

6:00- 6:30  Ariel Salzmann, Queens University (History), Frontiers of

Sovereignty: The Ottoman Empire and Neighboring States in West Asia

According to an Eighteenth Century Ottoman Map.

6:30-7:30  Discussion

Saturday, March 5, 8:30-9:15, Continental breakfast

9:15: Welcome: Fariba Zarinebaf

Chair:  Carl Petry, Northwestern University

9:30-10:00,  Robert Dankoff, University of Chicago, Near Eastern Languages

and Civilizations,  The Ottoman Empire seen through Evliya Çelebi's


10:00- 10:30,  Dana Sajdi, Concordia University (Montreal),  In Other

Worlds: the Geographies of Chroniclers in the 18th Century Ottoman Levant

10:30-11:30,  Discussion

Afternoon Session:  Methodologies in Ottoman Studies: A Re-evaluation

Chair:  Linda Darling

1:30- 2:00,  Jack Davis (University of Cincinnati) & John Bennet

(University of Sheffield),  Archaeology and Ottoman Studies in Greece.

2:00--2:30,  Donald Whitcomb, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago,

Ottoman Archaeology in the Persian Gulf Region.

2:30-4:30,  Round-table discussion chaired by Dan Goffman

4:30-4:45,  Conclusion and final remarks, Fariba Zarinebaf

Location:  Harris Hall, Room 108, 1881 Sheridan Road

Northwestern University (Evanston Campus).

For more information, please contact Fariba Zarinebaf at (847) 491-8914

or zarinebaf@northwestern.edu

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies

University of Chicago

Pick Hall, Room 201


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