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The series of monthly seminars, "Economy and Society on Both Shores of

the Aegean ", organized by the Ottoman Bank Museum in collaboration with

Alpha Bank and the History Department of Bogazici University, continues

this month on the topic of poverty in the Ottoman Empire. Prof. Haris

Exertzoglou, from the Department of History and Social Anthropology,

at the University of the Aegean in Greece, will be joining us with a

presentation delivered in English, entitled, "The Conceptualization

of Poverty in Ottoman Urban Centers in the Late 19th and Early 20th

Centuries", scheduled for Friday , February 18, at 3:00 p.m.

In his lecture, Haris Exertzoglou will discuss how the conceptualization

of poverty within the rapidly changing early 19th century Ottoman

social environment, shaped both the process of identity formation of the

rising middle classes and the centralizing aspirations of the Ottoman

bureaucracy. Addressing the topic from a comparative perspective, Prof.

Exertzoglou will focus on the Christian Orthodox and Greek-speaking

communities in Istanbul and Izmir.

After graduating from the Department of Economics at the University of

Athens, Prof. Haris Exertzoglou earned his Ph.D. from King's College at

the University of London. Since 1989, he has been teaching late Ottoman

and modern Balkan history in the Department of History and Social

Anthropology at the University of the Aegean . His current research

examines national ceremonies in modern Greece and the reshaping of

Greek national identity. He has written several books and articles on

the social and economic life of the Christian Orthodox populations in

the Ottoman Empire including, Osmanli'da cemiyetler ve Rum cemaati (The

Greek Community and Other Populations of the Ottoman Empire), published

by the History Foundation, in 2004.

The series of monthly seminars, "Economy and Society on Both Shores of the

Aegean", focuses on the Greek-Orthodox populations of the late Ottoman

and early Republican periods. Seminar speakers provide comprehensive

information on the subject and display special awareness of the delicate

historical context.

Admission to the seminars is free. Arzu Öztürkmen will be our next speaker

at the conference scheduled for Friday, March 18, 2005.


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