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Towson University's Institute for Teaching and Research on Women (ITROW) is co-hosting the Summer Institute, "Turkey at the Crossroads: Women, Women's Studies, and the State." May 27th -June 3th, 2005, in collaboration with Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey.

Cost : The institute fee is $475.00 and includes airfare from Istanbul to Bodrum,

an arrival reception on May 27, coffee breaks throughout the conference,

reading material, and speaker fees.  The total estimated cost of the

Summer Institute, including food and lodging based on double occupancy

(excluding airfare to Istanbul), is $800.00.

The Institute fee of $475 is due by March 15.  Those wishing to reserve

a space may send a $100 non-refundable deposit by January 31, 2005.

The registration fee after March 15, is $575.00.

An application and information about the Summer Institute can be found

on our Web page:  http://pages.towson.edu/ncctrw

Call for Papers:  Attendees interested in presenting at a panel

or roundtable session should submit a one page proposal describing their

presentation, how it relates to the institute themes, and what issues

it will include. Also indicate experience or qualifications in regard

to presentation.  Proposals should be sent by email to Dr. Karen Dugger

at <kdugger@towson.edu>.  Paper proposal must be received no later

than March 8.

Summer Institute Themes

I. Human Rights and Women's Rights

        Legal, Cultural and Religious Barriers

        Spousal Abuse

        International Efforts to Eliminate Discrimination

        Women and Family

II. Feminism and Women's Studies

        Women's Studies and Feminism in Turkey and the Middle East

        Women's Movements: Comparative Perspectives

        Islamic and Secular Women's Groups

III. Women, Work and the State

        Gender and Transnational Labor Migration

        Women in the Local and Global Economy

        Educational Reform

IV. Images of Women in Contemporary Society

        Women and Literature

        Women and Popular Culture

Karen Dugger, Director

Institute for Teaching and Research on Women

Chair, Women's Studies Department



Ph.:  410-704-5456

Fx.:  410-704-3469