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The conference is organized by the Office of Iranology studies of RGGU of the Chair of eastern languages together with the Representative Office of cultural of the embassy of IRI in Moscow and the Center of Globalisation and Comparativistics of the Institute of Philology and History of Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow.

It is planned to discuss the basic problems, confronting Iranology studies as science on the boundary of two millenia, the basic trends of development in the course of conference. In connection with the fact that study in the region of basic disciplines of Iranology studies (history, archaeology, linguistics, philology, religion and of others.) are not limited to the territory of Iran, but frequently, to a greater or lesser extent, affect its surrounding regions, it is decided to name conference "Iran and its environment". Important task is the development of scientific dialogue both between the researchers in the adjacent regions of Iranic studies and the adjusting of the connections between the foreign and Russian Iranists, assignment to the possibility to discuss basic problems, exchange of opinions, adjusting of contacts. It is originally decided to make a disciplinary range of conference as wide as possible due to the attraction to the participation in the work of the conference of specialists in different the fields of the Iranic studies: historians, ethnologists, archaeologists, folklorists, linguists, philologists, philosophers, political scientists, sociologists. We will intend to draw to the work in the conference not only Iranists, but also specialists of adjacent regions, to which is close the problems of conference. We are planned the following sections: linguistics, literature, philosophy and religon, history and archaeology, politology and social anthropology.

We request to direct some theses in the electronic form in Russian or in English to 1,5 pages until 20 June 2005, to e-mail: pbasharin@yandex.ru  or basharin@front.ru