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(2005) 'Conference : Oxford Symposium 17-19th June, 2005 ? « Nation-building through policies of inclusion/exclusion: Sources of Transnational identities? » Draft Programme.', European Journal of Turkish Studies, archives , Archives, URL : http://www.ejts.org/document324.html

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Conference : Oxford Symposium 17-19th June, 2005 ? « Nation-building through policies of inclusion/exclusion: Sources of Transnational identities? » Draft Programme.

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Yonca Köksal

Inclusion and Exclusion: Ethnic Politics in Bulgaria and Turkey

Silvia Marton

Romanian Citizenship

Howard Eissenstat

Porous Boundaries and Hard Borders: Muslim Emigres in the Turkish Republic

The people ?in between?: Challenging the nation-state through trans-national identity-construction

Session I

Domna Michail

Constructing identities in between three nation-states: The Pomaks of Western Thrace

Adri Nurellari

The Vlach Déjà vu

Christian Voss

Between indigenism and transnational cohesion: Language policy of the Slavic-speaking minorities in Greek Macedonia and Greek Thrace

Session II

Maria Spirova

The Roma in Southeastern Europe: a European minority

Huub van Baar

Romany Countergovenmentality through Transnational Networking

Religious communities as transnational actors?

Dimitris Antoniou

Ethnographies of Agency: Western Thracian Muslims in Athens

Umut Koldas

Ecumenical Patriarchate as a transnational actor

Ralica Konstantinova - Gerassimova

Resurgence of religion among Catholic Kosovar Albanian after 1999: religious affiliations as sources of identity, security and economic networking

Culture as transnational politics: moving away from nationalism?

Catherine Baker

Popular Music in former Yugoslavia: crossing frontiers and creating borders

Nikola Jordanovski

Education in SEE

Anna Devic

Yugoslavs ? Quotations in Protest: Nostalgic Networks or a Problem of Hegemonic Rules?

Transnationalism, Migration and Diasporas

Bilgin Ayata

Transnationalism and Deterritorialization: The Kurdish Diaspora in Europe and its effect on displaced Kurds in Turkey

Ayse Parla

Locating the Homeland: Bulgarian-Turkish ?Return? Migration in Transnational Perspective

John Fox

From national inclusion to economic exclusion: ethnic Hungarian labour migration to Hungary

Identity, Space, and Locality

Despoina Syrri

Viewing Europe from the Outside: Persuasive and incoherent stories in the making of SE European space

Marie Le Ray

State violence and multi-spatial reconstruction of a neighbourhood. The case of Tunceli and its migrant networks

Anna Hausmaninger

The Construction of Identities in a Translocal Context. A Macedonian Village during Socialism and Transition

The role of the media: Reproducing nationalism in transnational contexts?

Nikos Panagiotou

The role of the Greek press in Greek-Turkish rapprochement: the coverage of the ?Annan Plan? for Cyprus settlement

Emre Gokalp

The reproduction of Turkish nationalism in the mainstream press in Turkey

Marina Marks

Views on the Greek Press on Turks

Transnational institutions: promoting or containing nationalism?

Nevena Dimova

Civil Society or a Nation-State: Discursive use of the concept ?civil society? in Albanian and Macedonian nationalist rhetoric in the Rep. Of Macedonia

Christoph Ramm

Construction of Identity beyond Recognized Borders: The Turkish Cypriot Community between Cyprus, Turkey and the European Union

Tome Sandevski

Igniting Nationalism, Containing Nationalism: The Power of Transnational Actors and the Referendum Issue in Macedonia

Kerem Oktem (Dipl.-Ing., M.St. MMES, Oxon)

St Antony's College (University of Oxford)

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