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The Cultural Studies Association of Turkey and the Center for Strategic

Studies of Koc University are organizing a cultural studies conference

entitled "Identity and Culture" on 14-17th June 2005 in Istanbul. Whether in

connection with Turkey's wish to enter  the EU, the aftermath of the fall of

the Soviet Union, or developments ensuing from the two Gulf wars, identity

has become a problematic much discussed both in academic and political

circles. Focu!  sing on  issues of identity in its multiple relationships with

various facets of culture, the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary

conference aims to interrogate established notions of identity within the

context of Turkish culture, the cultures of Turkey, and the cultures of

Turks. Over 160 papers will be presented by participants coming from the US,

Canada, various countries in Europe, Israel, Ukraine and Azerbaidjan.

Keynote speakers:

Bozkurt Guvenc (Hacettepe U and Yeditepe U)

Culture-Identity: National Identities

(in Turkish)

Nur Yalman (Harvard U)

Is Identity Something We Can Hold? What does the Humanities Say?

(in Turkish)

Plenary speakers:

Peter Alford Andrews (Koln U)

Ethnicity in Turkey: Evidence and Analysis

(in Turkish)

Fuat Keyman (Koc U)

The Issue of Cultural Identity in Turkey and Democratization: Multicultural

Constitutional Citizenship

(in Turkish)

Jacob Landau (Jerusalem!  Hebrew  U)

Panturkism: Changing Ideologies

Geoffrey Lewis (Oxford U)

How the Turkish Language Reform Divided the People

Serif Mardin (Sabanci U)

Turkish Exceptionalism in Islam

(in Turkish)

Uli Schamiloglu (U of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Concept of Nation and the (Re)conceptualization of Identities in the

Turkic Republics of Central Asia (19th-21st. centuries)

(in Turkish)

The conference program, registration form and information on accommodation

can be found at http://kk05.cstgroup.org/

For more information, write to the conference secretary, Sule Tarakcioglu at


Conference organizers: Gonul Pultar , Timur Kocaoglu