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With the cooperation of the European Commission and Mardin Governorship, within the framework of Mardin History Specialization Library Project,  1st International Symposium of Mardin History will be held in May, 2006. Symposium subjects are as follows:

I. Mardin and Its Surrounding in The Ancient Period of History

II. Mardin and Its Surrounding in The Middle Ages

III. Mardin and Its Surrounding in Ottoman Time

IV. Mardin and Its Surrounding in Turkish Republic Time

V. Culture-Science And Education History of Mardin

VI. Economics History of Mardin

VII. Religious  Communities Living in Mardin  (Syrians, Armenians, Yezidis, Jews)

VIII. Mardin City Structure and Architecture

IX. Well-Known Personalities of Mardin

X. History and Faith Tourism in Mardin

The fees of the participants for travel and accommodation will be covered. Detailed information on symposium will be announced late in June.

For More Information :

Project Coordinator: Ibrahim ÖZCOSAR

Tlf:   90  482 212 52 00

e-mail:  iozcosar@hotmail.com


Coordinator Assistant:  Dr. Hüseyin H. Günes

e-mail:  hhgunes@yahoo.com