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The conference investigates the development of Sufism in Western societies with a regional focus on the U.S. and Europe. Comparing Sufism in the U.S. with Sufism in European countries, we recognize that "the West" by no means is a monolithic entity. Due to the different circumstances of immigration, the face of Sufism differs considerably. In some cases, as for example Great Britain and France, the development of Sufi orders alongside ethnical boundaries is dominant, in other cases, as e.g. Germany, Sufism is very much a phenomenon of religious conversion, or part of the New Age market (as e.g. in Germany and the U.S.).

Historically, Sufi orders have often demonstrated their potential to transgress regional boundaries. This is also true for those orders, which have established themselves in non-Muslim Western societies. The conference aims to further the academic discussion on Sufism in the West by looking at the dynamic tensions and interactions between (I) particularist identities and universalist claims, (II) the necessities of particular localities and global networks, as well as (III) legalist exclusivism and mystical inclusivism.

Schedule: http://www.religion.uni-bremen.de/personal/page.php3?n=30&u=new

Registration is needed: Uta Gentsch, Office of the Department of the Study of Religion, University of Bremen, Tel: 0421-218-3287, gentsch@uni-bremen.de