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(2005) 'Congress : « XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics: Aesthetics Bridging Cultures » 9?13 July 2007, Middle East Technical University, Ankara- Turkey.', European Journal of Turkish Studies, Announcements , Announcements, URL :

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Congress : « XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics: Aesthetics Bridging Cultures » 9?13 July 2007, Middle East Technical University, Ankara- Turkey.

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The theme of the XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics will be 'Aesthetics Bridging Cultures'.   The Congress is organized by the Sanart Association of Aesthetics and Visual Culture, in cooperation and with the support of the Middle East Technical University and the Faculty of Architecture, under the auspices of the International Association of Aesthetics.

The third millennium is proceeding with threatening declarations, both in deed and in discourse as to the possibility to reconcile differences.   The partiality of prevailing political and cultural attitudes jeopardizes dialogue amongst cultures and convictions.  Yet, culture as human nature means diversity as well as synthesis. As aestheticians we can ask whether it is possible to keep diversities alive as well as to render them communicable, and to create new forms of synergie, through art and aesthetics.

The XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics, taking place in Turkey, will approach art and culture in terms of historic ruptures, continuities, tensions and hybridities.   With worldwide participation, it is expected that alternative disciplinary attitudes within aesthetics and philosophy  with focuses on art, architecture, urbanism, landscape, music, literature, film, etc., can contribute to the discussion of 'Bridging Cultures'.   The exchange of ideas and experiences of an aesthetic nature can also encourage relationships between different cultures.

Session titles will be made definitive after paper proposals.  Yet, the following items can be a guide for choosing thematic or conceptual approaches.

Idealism and Pragmatism, Local and Glocal, Orientalism and Occidentalism

Pluralism and Egalitarianism, Sacred and Profane, Historicism,

New Taxonomies of Art, Culture Industry, Aesthetics of Technologies,

Aesthetics and the Everyday, High/Low, Real and Virtual, Philosophical Approaches,

Interculturalism and the Arts, Territory and Cultures, Art in Transhistorical Perspectives, Violence, Ethics/Aesthetics, Education.

The Middle East Technical University is situated on a large campus about 20 minutes drive away from the city center and houses many facilities for academic and cultural international events.   The Sanart Association has often held its international symposia at the Middle East Technical University.  The university can also offer accommodation during the summer recess, which will reduce participation costs for many members of the IAA and for students.   It has also facilities where about 600 people can be served lunch.  Both the Cultural and Congress Center and the Faculty of Architecture have conference halls with audio-visual equipment.   About 10 to 12 parallel sessions can be held jointly in these buildings.

Many artistic events, a sculpture symposium that will take place on the METU campus, performances, film and video shows, special student panels will be planned during the congress week both in Ankara and on the METU campus.  Organizers will be happy to consider proposals both from Turkey and for international events. Please write to

Hopefully the congress will also be an occasion to meet many aestheticians from the Middle East and from non-western countries.   Turkey is a country of diverse regional and ethnic cultures, and neighbors many countries with rich cultural traditions, both in east and west.   The organization will see to it that there will be cultural-touristic trips to interesting sites before and after the congress.

On early July, temperatures in Ankara can go up to 25-35 centigrade, yet the evenings are cool and comfortable, since the city is situated on a high plateau of 900 meters.   Early and mid July is the best summer time all over Turkey.

Registration fees:  till 30th December 2005 -     200 USD

                               1st January 2006 ? 30 April 2007 - 250 US D

                               1st May 2007- Congress opening - 300 US D

Includes:  lunches, IAA 3 year membership, city tour, reception, programme and abstract book, proceedings book, earphone loan for translation, coffee and tea

Student registration:  50 USD till 30 April 2007

                                   75 USD after 1st May 2007

Includes:  coffee and tea, earphone loan, programme and abstract book, proceedings book

Contact:  Jale Erzen < >

Mail Address:  Jale Erzen,

Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University

 Balgat ? Inonu Cad. 06531 ? Ankara ? Turkey

 Fax:   90-312-2101249

 Telephone:  90-312-2102215

Registration, Accommodation and Paper Presentation forms and info will be announced in Fall 2005

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