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While questions of violence, social control and repression surface in a number of works on the Ottoman Empire, until now few studies have put them at the core of their inquiries. Nonetheless, in recent years this field of research appears to have raised a growing interest. The new historiography it has generated is articulated on three main axes : violence and criminality, maintaining of order, and prisons. The aim of this meeting is to offer an initial assessment of current research projects (as well as recently completed ones) through three sessions : « perception and management of violence and criminality in Istanbul », « order and disorder : actors and methods », « Repression : the Ottoman jails ». The preference given to the urban setting, and most of all to Istanbul, and to a chronological framework spanning the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century fit the spatial and chronological framework favored by the new historiography. Without pretending to be exhaustive, this workshop will allow researchers to present their initial findings in the field. The spatial and social dimension of criminality in Istanbul, continuities and changes in objectives and techniques of social control from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of 20th century, and the development of prison administration will be some of the themes dealt with in the different sessions.  The conference will also tackle certain theoretical and methodological questions common to the three historiographical axes, such as the applicability of Foucault's theses, the pertinence of comparisons with other national or geographical case studies as well as broader problems regarding the choice and treatment of primary sources.

Adres : Garanti Kültür Merkezi  Seminer Salonu 1

             Uçaksavar Kültür ve Spor tesisleri

             Cengiz Topel Cd.

              Etiler, Istanbul

Admission is free.