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Notice to contributors

EJTS publishes original manuscripts. Author(s) submitting a paper to the EJTS may not submit it to any other journal during three months. Author(s) of an article published in the EJTS should ask the authorization of the Editorial Board to republish it elsewhere, in which case reference should be made to the EJTS

While the EJTS will consider all manuscripts received, the Editorial Board assumes no responsibility for their publication or return.

The EJTS assumes no responsibility for the contributors? statements of fact or opinion. For the copyrights of the contributions published in the EJTS see Creative Commons.

EJTS publishes manuscripts in English, French, German and Turkish. Photographs, graphics, maps or illustrations in relation to the contribution may be included. All text documents must be sent in rtf format as attachment to an electronic message to the following address:

The word count for articles should not exceed 60 000 characters, including footnotes. This only indicates a maximum character count. Minimum character count should be discussed with the editors.

Every article should include five keywords minimum, an abstract of no more than 1000 characters and its translation into English if the paper?s language is another language.

These should be marked by successive numbers in the text and listed consecutively at the bottom of each page (no notes at the end of the article). Numbered notes are used only when comments or extra information are required.

In-text references should be indicated in the typescript, within parentheses, by giving the author?s surname followed by the year of publication and a page reference if necessary.

Example: (Elias 1975)

If there are more than two authors: (Gülkanat et al. 2001).

If several works by the same author and from the same year are cited, (a), (b) etc. should be put after the year of publication: (Elias 1975a: 77).

To quote a page: (Elias 1975: 56).

To quote a note: (Elias 1975: 56 n.7)

To quote passages in an online text without pagination, use paragraph (§): (Karpat 2004: § 4).

The full details of the references should be listed only at the end of the text in a separate section. The author(s) should make sure that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the names (years) in the text and those on this list. Do not use ?et al.? in this section. Use the following forms.


Elias, Norbert (1975) La dynamique de l'Occident, Paris, Calmann-Lévy.

Gülkanat, Hüseyin ; Çelik, Celal (2001) Geçmi?ten Gelece?e Çavdar Köyü, Istanbul, Abo.


Struck, Ernst (1994) ?Das Südostanatolien - Projekt: Die Bewässerung und ihre Folgen?, Geographische Rundschau 46 (2), pp. 88-95.


Bonacich, Edna (1993) ?Asian and Latino Immigrants in the Los Angeles Garment Industry?, in Light, Ivan Hubert; Bhachu, Parminder (eds.), Immigration and Entrepreneurship: culture, capital, and ethnic networks, New Brunswick and London, Transaction Publishers, pp. 256-277.

Online Journal:

Karpat, Kemal H. (2004) ?The Genesis of the Gecekondu: Rural Migration and Urbanization (1976)?, European Journal of Turkish Studies, Thematic Issue 1 - Gecekondu, URL:

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To quote a passage, use paragraph (§).