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In recent years there has been a growing interest in the question of translation across the humanities and in the social sciences. The linguistic and cultural turn that has shaped the modern formation of interpretive studies currently pushes toward further engagement with issues of translation, namely how concepts, ideas and practices are related to a more complex substrate in culture. In a more radical way, the theoretical frameworks derived from post-structuralism and post-colonial studies equate the ideal of translatability with that of universality.The aim of this conference is to explore ways in which the issue of translation figures in theories, methodologies, ethnographic and historiographic dimensions of the study of Islam and Muslim societies. We invite paper as well as panel proposals that deal with the following questions, which are not exhaustive:

-How do Islamicate cultural and intellectual discourses engage in translation both within and between traditions?

-How does the analytic of translation shape comparative studies on Islam?

-What role does translation play in the exegesis, reception and transmission of Islamic textual archives?

-What kind of translation strategies are embedded in contemporary discourses on Islam?

Suggested topics include:

*translation in the early centuries of Islam

*translating Islamic normativities across time and space

*translating the Qur?an in content and form

*translation in Western scholarship on Islam

*Muslim modernism and the translation of Enlightenment concepts

*translation and Muslim networks

*theories of translation in Sufism

*ethics, law and politics in translation.

The conference will proceed in an interactive workshop format. We expect that those invited to present papers will remain for the duration of the conference in order to engage the work of other participants. Proceedings will be held on the Duke University campus in Durham, NC.

To apply, please send 1) a proposal up to five-hundred words 2) a paper title and 3) a CV to Cate Mills (cate.mills@duke.edu).  The deadline for submissions

is February 15th 2006.

M. Brett Wilson

Duke University